2017 AES Larne Half Marathon

Promoted by Larne Athletic Club

Race Instructions  (To be confirmed)


1.      The Walk will start at 10.00am and the Half Marathon and Relay at 11:00am 



2.      Only very limited parking will be available in the car parks to the front and rear of the Leisure Centre,with priority given to participants with a disability as leisure centre customers. All competitors are asked to use the car park at “Redlands” (first exit off the Larne Harbour Roundabout at the end of the Harbour Highway (dual carriageway) then first turn on the right (approximately 30 metres after the roundabout)) – see also Half Marathon website for directions.  Redlands car park will be sign-posted with Half Marathon Carpark signs on the day.  The location of the car park can also be found on Google Maps.  The car park is approximately one kilometer from Larne Leisure Centre and there will be a shuttle bus service to and from the Leisure Centre from 9.00am to 3.30pm, except between 10.45am and 1.30pm.  There will also be a spill-over car park beside the Chaine Memorial Park on the Glenarm Road and competitors may use other public car parks in and around the town centre.

      To assist with traffic flow in and around the Larne town centre, we would ask you to access Larne Leisure Centre via the A8 dual carriageway as far as Larne Harbour Roundabout, and follow the signs for Larne Leisure Centre from here (Via Fleet Steet and Curran Road.


Please avoid the Circular Road Roundabout.


Please note that parking at Larne Leisure Centre to pick up race packs before the event will be restricted.  Where possible, packs should be collected once you have parked your vehicle.


We would appeal to as many participants to car share or      use club busses where possible.


3.      Roads are open to traffic, wearing headphones is not permitted.


4.      Race numbers must be worn on the front of vests/T-shirts; please complete your personal details, note that you may be disqualified if your number is not clearly visible.


5.     The race number incorporates a timing chip - please ensure you wear the number at all times during the race.


6.      Warm up on Sandy Bay Playing Fields (adjacent to the Leisure Centre) or on the Promenade; please do not use the main road or car parks.


7.      The Start Point, as in 2016, is on Tower Road.  The Finish Line is on the Promenade behind the Leisure Centre.


8.      Runners will be called to the start no later than 10:55am.


9.      The front of the start line is reserved for athletes in the wheel chair race, which will start two minutes before the main race, and faster runners.


Race Collection of  Pack

You will be able to collect your race pack at Larne Leisure Centre from 8.30am - 10.30am on the day of the race  


     (Note - there is no race pack collection prior to race day)




12.  The race is over an “out and back” course, which takes in part of Larne town centre.  The first 6.7 miles are generally flat with some gentle climbs; the course then climbs for one mile before descending for 0.8 of a mile.  The last 4.6 miles back along the Coast Road and Promenade to the Leisure Centre are, again, generally flat.  Note: these distances are approximate.


13.  The course is marked at every mile point and will be fully marshaled.


14.  First aiders will be present on the course and at the end of the race.  If assistance is required, please contact one of the marshals or a first-aider.


15.  Diversion signs for motor traffic will be in place at various points along the route, BUT THE COURSE WILL, NEVERTHELESS, REMAIN OPEN TO TRAFFIC THROUGHOUT THE RACE AND NORMAL RULES OF THE ROAD WILL APPLY: TRAFFIC HAS PRIORITY.  Runners are asked to use footpaths where available, or when directed to do so by a marshal, and to keep to the left hand side of the road except when otherwise directed.


16.  There are three points on the course where you are asked to be particularly careful – the Black Arch, Ballygally Head at 5.9 miles and at 9.2 miles and at the farm house on the right at 8.2 miles on the run down the Cairncastle Road to Ballygally.  Keep to the LEFT HAND SIDE of the road at Ballygally Head on both the outward and inward legs and on the outward leg through the Black Arch.  On the inward leg runners must use the footpath to go round the Black Arch as per guidance from the PSNI.  Runners should use the RIGHT HAND SIDE of the road at the bend on the Cairncastle Road unless instructed otherwise by a marshal.  Failure to obey a PSNI officer or race official/marshal at any point may lead to disqualification.


17.  In addition to the toilets and changing facilities inside the Leisure Centre, there will also be portable toilets outside the Centre and public toilets at two points on the course, each of which you will pass twice – Drains Bay car park and Ballygally car park.


18.  There will be two water stations along the route at Carnfunnock Country Park, one each on the outward and inward legs.  These will be signposted in advance.  There will be sufficient bottles of water available for each runner to obtain one bottle at each station.  If empty, runners are asked to dispose of used bottles into the wheelie bins provided or, if they still contain water, on the road or footpath as near as possible to the water station.  Please do not throw them onto the beach, grass verges, over hedges or into gardens.   




19.  Teams will consist of three runners and can be all male, all female or mixed.


20.  The first leg of approximately 4.25 miles is from the start to the change over point at Dixon Hall/Drains Bay car park, the second leg of approximately 4 miles is from Drains Bay car park to Cairncastle Primary School with the final leg of almost 5 miles taking the third runner back to the Leisure Centre.  Transport will be provided to relay changeover points from the leisure centre

      We will be running 3 buses 1 at 10.00  and 2 at 10.45

    Return buses 12.30 & 13.10 from Ballygalley 

       13.00 & 13.20 from Drainsbay 





21.  At the end of the race you should run through the finish line.  Do not turn back or stop until you are well clear of the line or unless you are directed to do so by a race official.


22.  The timing chip attached to your race number is disposible and does not need to be returned.


23.  Massage tables will be available in the main hall./ Squash Court Aera


24.  Tea and refreshments will be available in the main hall.




28.  Prize giving will take place at approximately 1:30pm in the main hall of the Leisure Centre – maximum one prize per individual.




Further information on Larne Athletic Club is available at